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New book: TameBay eBay Tools and Services Guide 2011

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With their new book, the Tamebay eBay Tools and Services Guide 2011, Chris Dawson and Sue Bailey from Tamebay have become published authors as well as influential bloggers and eBay sellers.

We caught up with Chris Dawson from Tamebay yesterday at Catalyst 2011, where he told us about the book and let us have a look at the very first physical copy. Inside it has detailed reviews of more than 35 professional eBay tools and services, alongside our own eBay tools and services, as well as a wealth of hints tips and tricks.

It looks like a great resource for eBay sellers so do check it out. Writing about the book on Tamebay, Chris said: "Many of the tools in this guide are little known apps which can make a huge contribution to the way you run your eBay business. Others are better known, but you may not have had time to fully investigate the products and services they offer.

"Whether it is a utility to make printing your labels and invoices automatic, or a fully fledged multi-channel ecommerce management platform you’ll find what you’re looking for in the following pages."

The Tamebay eBay Tools and Services Guide is available in paperback, but if you can't wait you can download it as an ebook for Kindle, iPad and Sony Reader. You can also register for a free download

Happy reading, and thanks to Chris and Sue for putting this together.

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