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£1 in every £10 in UK retail is spent online

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The Retail Sales Bulletin for February 2012 found that 10.7% of all UK retail sales were made over the internet. The bulletin put the weekly average spent online at £573.6m, up from the £432.6m estimated for February 2011, when it was equivalent to 8.3% of all retail sales.

Growth in online sales outstripped that shown for total UK retail sales, which rose in value by 3.2% compared to February 2011, but just a 1% rise in volume since last year. Total retail sales fell by 0.4% in value and 0.8% in volume in February 2012, compared to the previous month, January 2012. The report can be downloaded on The Office for National Statistics' website, or you can watch the podcast on YouTube.

Image credit: Office for National Statistics

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